Best Golf Clothes For Men By Arnold Palmer Apparel

Golf is one of the oldest sports of all time, and it all started in 1457 with a ball stuffed with feathers and a golf club that was made from tree branches. Although the origins of golf started in China during the Song Dynasty, the game has grown immensely in the previous centuries. Golf generally was considered to be a country-club sport with a small following, but the game of golf really started to become popular in the mid-1900’s when Arnold Palmer began his golf legacy. Arnold Palmer is considered one of the first sports stars of the television era, which is why is why his name has such a lasting impact. Along with being one of the best players to ever play the game of golf by winning seven major championships, there are many other accolades under Arnold Palmer’s belt such as having an Apparel line, trademarking the Arnold Palmer iced tea, the umbrella story and opening the Arnold Palmer children’s hospital.

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