My father, Morris Cohen, was a sculptor, a gifted artist.

Late in life, he produced more than 150 works of art.

This site is a tribute to the man and his art.

Here's looking at you, Pop.


Sculpting came late for my father, Morris Cohen. At the age of 55, in the early 1960s, he took up woodworking as a hobby to relieve headaches caused by stress. After less than a year he graduated to using a mallet and chisel to create works from wood and stone.

Sculpting quickly became his driving passion.

He went into semi-retirement and began spending almost all his time creating art. And what wonderful art it was – dancers leaping in air, full-sized figures teeming with life, free-form sculptures from a remarkably fertile imagination, and more.

Over the next 30 years, my father produced more than 150 works of art. This website is a virtual gallery of those works, a continuing exhibit celebrating the man and his art. If you see a piece of Morris Cohen’s  work that you own, or you own a piece that is not included in this compilation, please contact me.

Here’s looking at you, Pop!

David Cohen



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